April 15, 2016

BES, with Caten/Waller Properties, Prepare Building for Rock House Brewing

BES, cleans up the future Rock House Brewery

The future Rock House Brewery

Kentucky is famous for three things, horses, basketbll and bourbon, now, in a close third you may find beer. Craft beers are more popular than ever and BES along with Caten/Waller Properties, have just cleared the way, removing any and all hazardous materials from a beautiful “rock house to make room for Rock House Brewing to install there brewery.

There are quite a few Kentucky microbreweries around the state, and more are popping up all the time, creating a new standard for what beer should be. These small artisan producers turn out specialty beers and experiment with new recipes and flavors. If you’re in the mood to try something new – like a beer flavored with unique local ingredients or a new take on your favorite style – order a pint at one of the Kentucky microbreweries below and check out Kentucky’s craft beer trail. It’s a good idea to contact craft distilleries and breweries before visiting to ensure that they’re open when you plan to visit. (Source:

We wish Rock House Brewery good luck and look forward to working with Caten/Waller Properties in the future.

Bluegrass Environmental Services encourages all to drink responsibly and stay safe.

EPA, checks our job site to make sure our procedures are safe and correct.

The EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), can show up to any job to make sure that the state guidelines for safety are met.

Containing any hazardous waste or hazardous materials.

In this picture, BES is sealing each and every room before we remove any hazardous material, insuring that it doesn’t escape our containment and exposes anyone outside of the job.

Decontamination Unit

BES builds, on every job, a decontamination unit, that allows our crew to enter and exit the job site, removing any and all hazardous materials from leaving the job, on our bodies, insuring any dangerous materials from escaping out into the community’s air.

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